Ready to see some JAV idols on streaming ? If so, you might want to check out JAVGuru. Here is what you should know about this website.

Watch JAV HD movies on Javguru

JAV.Guru is a free JAV tube full of Japanese Adult Videos. And if you don’t know what JAV is, it’s just Japanese videos produced for an adult audience. It’s not Adult-rated for swearing or violence, but for all the naked ladies and all the filthy things they’re doing. And that’s exactly the kind of material we all love around here, so let’s get right into it.

On JAVGuru, The DVD titles are translated, but nothing else on the box is. You get enough information from the video names and the pictures. Click through and you’ll get a bigger pic of the cover and some screenshots. However, if you want to know what the actress is saying in the movie, you might want to check our catalog full of hundred of JAV subtitles.

The bulk of the content on JAV Guru is devoted to showing you the latest uploads to the website, you can scroll down the page and see uploads from previous days. The homepage displays 24 videos in total and if you hit the ‘last’ link in the bottom pagination bar, you’ll see that there are currently couple of hundred pages on the site.

DVD rips are JAVGuru’s thing. Other sites offer a bunch of short Asian clips, but here they focus on bringing you full movies. Apparently, a couple of dozen physical JAV titles come out every day. This site does its best to bring you as many as they can. But keep in mind that they don’t translate the movies themself. They steal the subtitles from other websites, forums and even our own catalog ! Yes, you read it. We had the surprise to find our translation for Takahashi Shoko’s MIDV-040 movie. And our credits were removed of course 😀

Anyways, after clicking on a movie, you’ll be presented with a bunch of different options to access the video of choice: this one had 3 download links and 3 stream links. If you hit the first stream link, the page immediately showed you the stream, no need to go to a third-party website.

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So Many Categories of Asian Porn

If you click TAGS in the header, you get options to sort the videos by Tag, Studio, and Actress. Each one will take you to the respective list, or you can get them all on one page by just clicking TAGS.

They’ve got a huge set of category tags to narrow down your search. You’re probably already thinking there’s going to be some distinctly Japanese categories like bukkake or cosplay with a screengrab of a chick in a Chun Li outfit. You’d be right, of course. You’ll also see all the standard stuff you’d see on any porn site: Creampie, Big tits, Voyeur, Facials, Squirting.

You might be wondering if they have a section of Hentai, also known as Japanese porno cartoons. There actually isn’t any on JAV.Guru, but they’ve got a sister site that has it. You will sometimes see a few pages of scanned porn comics along with the movie screenshots.