1. What will I receive when I purchase one of your products?

You will be redirected to a page containing the subtitles file in .srt format.Just click on the button to get the file.

2. How do I use a subtitles file?

Once you have the movie file and the subtitles file in your computer, put them both in the same folder.

Make sure both files have the same name, for instance:

– STAR-141.wmv (movie file)
– STAR-141.srt (subtitle file)

Open the movie file (in this example, STAR-141.wmv) using a media player like VLC (our favorite media player). You should now be able to see the subtitles.

You may want to check this YouTube video illustrating the procedure described.

3. I have a HD/better copy of the movie I purchased, but the subtitles appear to be out-of-sync, how do I adjust the subtitles to my video?

You will need to download Aegisub, a free program to create subtitles, and follow these steps:
1. Open the subtitles file (.srt) in Aegisub.
2. Go to the menu Timing > Shift Times…
3. In the section Time: add the number in minutes and seconds you want to adjust the subtitles. You will have to play with these values until you get them right.
4. Select Forward or Backward according to the file you have.
5. Select All rows.
6. Select Start and End Times, then press OK.
7. Check whether the timing is now right. Otherwise, repeat the procedure from step 3.


4. Do you translate/subtitle private movie requests?

Sure we do! Check out Our Translation Service to find out how to request a translation.

5. I found an error in the subtitles, what should I do ?

As much as we double check the translation before adding them to the website, we are still humans. It’s not impossible to find typos or mistakes. If that the case, contact us. We will edit the file and send it back to you.