Akane Mitani announced that she will retire from the JAV industry in 2025.

Akane Mitani started out as a fan of the actress Ai Uehara and developed the habit of watching AVs in middle school. Because she wanted to experience the feeling of live shooting, she joined the industry.

Akane Mitani is 166 centimeters tall with long legs, an E-cup bust, and a slender waist. She immediately gained the love of film producers and fans. In about a year since her debut, she has accumulated more than 100 works and has ranked in many AV lists and awards. She has studied dancing for many years and has a flexible figure, particularly good at waist and back movements. She was hailed as the “genius in the riding position” during filming.

Recently, Mitani Akane has changed agencies twice and altered her stage name of six years from Akari Mitani to Akane Mitani. On the 5th of July, she announced without warning on X that she will retire as an AV actress on July 19, 2025.

Akane Mitani said, “It is important for everyone to know that I, Akane Mitani, will retire as an AV actress in one year’s time on July 19, 2025. To avoid any regrets, I will do my best until then! Please support me.”

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