Scanlover is down for a week already. Are you looking for a new JAV community ? Check our forum to talk about your favorite JAV actresses.

If you are a member of Scanlover, you probably have noticed that the forum is down for a couple of days. As they don’t have any social media account, there is no way to know what’s going on or when the forum will be back. What we can suggest if you are looking for a new JAV community is to check our forum.

Scanlover Alternative : JAV-Forum

We already have 700+ messages, 600+ members in few weeks. And that’s without any promo anywhere else. We wouldn’t be able to do it anyway :D. Why ? As you might know, we are active on few online communities. For couple of months now, we got some messages removed from ScanLover. Our mistake ? Trying to give real information based on FACTS rather than a thought. It happened before with some members not understanding that JAV behind the scene is way different from the final product. Breaks, fake dicks, fake cum, piss to fake the “squirting” parts, and other things.
As explained in our first post on the forum, this convinced us to start my own JAV community. And not sooner than few hours ago, on Reddit, we got banned from 3 JAV subreddits just for the following message :

We had the surprised to see 3 private messages saying we got banned because “You broke this community’s rules”.

We never tried to share any link (unlike some others spamming the subreddits to promote their websites). We couldn’t share gifs neither. We helped a lot of fans with movie identification (maybe you have seen one of our message 😀 ). The subs are r/JapanesePorn2, r/javdreams and r/jav. All of them have the same moderators. And suspense … the mods are Zenra (the website) and his authors Panking and Oppaira. Since our debut, they always tried to block us from doing JAV translation, just to keep the market to them. They pay Youtube channels and blogs to promote their content and remove any form of criticism in the comment section. Do you want to support that kind of people and pay them for watching JAV with english subtitles ? The JAV market doesn’t belong to them, it’s for everybody. Sad to see that even in the JAV community, that kind of people exist.

So, one of the most significant advantages of creating our own JAV forum is that we can take control of the forum’s moderation policies, ensuring that discussions are respectful, safe, and with a freedom of speech (if you don’t like an actress, you can say it as long as you are polite). If you want to join us, the forum URL is :