On Twitter, Kanon Kanade announced her retirement, thanking her fans for their support over the years.

Competition in the Japanese AV world is fierce, and the turnover rate of girls is also fast. Among them, Kanon Kanade (奏音かのん), who is famous for her resemblance to the actress Hashimoto Kanna, announced her retirement on her personal IG and Twitter accounts.

Kanon Kanon debuted in 2019. Due to her sweet face and her appearance to the famous idol “Once Upon a Time in a Millennium” Hashimoto Kanna, she also imitated her movements to shoot AVs, which caused a lot of discussion online. In her social media announcement, she said that although 5 years since her debut is not a long time, she has always been grateful for the help of her company, her agent, and the support and encouragement of many fans. “I am very happy to have met many people in the past. Please come and see me.” I will try my best to graduate with a smile.” Netizens also left moved messages such as “I hope you will continue to shine in your new place” and “Take good care of your body.”