Yura Kano announced her retirement from the porn industry on her social media.

Yura Kano updated her Instagram and X accounts on the 8th, announcing her retirement from the JAV world, saying, “I will retire from being an AV actress as of July 2024.” She is also active as a nude model and YouTuber, and she said, “I will continue with activities other than AV,” and “Even if I retire, I will remain at my agency for a while and continue my activities.”

Kano made her AV debut in November 2017 as an S1 exclusive actress. In June 2018, she joined Ebisu Muscats 1.5 as a trainee, and in August of the same year, she was promoted to an official member.

Kano mentioned her retirement work in a handwritten document posted on her SNS, saying that the shooting of her retirement work has already been completed, and it is a work full of smiles. “I made my debut in November 2017, so I have spent 7 years as an AV actress.In those 7 years, I have had various experiences, and I want to put myself in a new environment, grow myself, and show everyone a new side of me”, she said, explaining the reason for her retirement.

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