Marin Hinata, from Premium, announced on her Twitter account that she will retire from the AV industry.

The 25-year-old Japanese AV actress Hinata Marin (ひなたまりん) came to Taiwan to attend the Adult Expo in early May, but yesterday, she dropped a shock bomb, saying that she will retire this month after filming her last work. In addition, she also thanked her loyal fans on Twitter and threatened those who download her movies 🙂

According to the “AV expert” Yijian Huanchunqiu, Hinata Marin was hit hard by the successive retirement of her seniors and lost her “goal” in the industry. In addition, she also believes that her sex skills are still insufficient and her performances are not attractive enough. This helped her to take her decision to retire after filming her last work this month.

Hinata Marin announced her future plans on Twitter, saying that she will continue continue public activities with her agency after she retires.

In fact, Hinata Marin revealed in the past that in order to make a good AV, she has never had a boyfriend during her adult career, nor has she had a relationship with a man other than a male actor. After retiring, her biggest wish is to “have sex with ordinary people”.

Marin debuted in 2019 with S1. She won second place in the rookie category of “This AV actress is amazing! 2020 winter”.