Anna Kami, exclusive actress from Idea Pocket, will retire from AV with her next and final release.

Anna Kami 加美杏奈 is retiring from the industry with her September release. She has been an exclusive actress of Idea Pocket since her debut, in January 2020. The reason for her debut was that she became sexless with her 40-year-old boyfriend who had been living with her for a while. At least, that’s the story shared during her debut interview (fake for the huge majority). Before her debut, she was an office worker at a general company (public relations manager).

In June 2020, she was selected as one of the 10 nude beauties selected by Graphis, and a new gravure gallery was posted in the Shunkan Post. From the same year, she served as MC for the CS TV program “Kamimai”, and she is also active in the distribution programs “Hadakai Ikkan” and “Furudate ch”.

She was ranked 34th in the Asahi Performing Arts “2023 Active AV Actress SEXY General Election” announced in May 2023.

Anna Kami will retire with her final movie “If I call Ageman, who gives me instant boner, she will immediately lick it and I’ll have a matchless fellatio.” -The FINAL LOVE BOMB-, that will be released on September 8th.

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