The former AV actress Ai Uehara has released an AI photobook with digitally generated version of herself.

Ai Uehara, former japanese porn actress, decided to make an photo album of herself only with photos generated by AI. The photobook has been developed in collaboration with Al_Punch, an AI artist who have previously worked with the actress on a NFT project. With the help of the AI community AI VERSE, they’ve used the power of AI to create this digital photobook.

“When I take a close look, I can’t help thinking, “This really looks like me, doesn’t it?!” If I hadn’t mentioned it was AI, you wouldn’t be able to tell if this was the real me or AI me, right? Image-generating AI is truly amazing. This photobook is a beautiful and epoch-making piece, so I want all my fans, and everyone interested in AI, to see it!” Just imagine seeing your own face come to life through the power of algorithms. It’s no wonder she’s eager to share this groundbreaking work with her devoted fans. This digital photo book is sure to give a fresh and innovative perspective on the actress’s captivating beauty.” said Ai in a Medium post.

Ai Uehara released her photo book, Rebirth, at the end of last month and it quickly shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller rankings. Aptly for something AI-generated, it is a digital-only release. It is sold only as an Amazon Kindle e-book. You can order it from here. If you are registered with Amazon Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

If an AI photobook isn’t your thing and you prefer to watch Ai’s JAV movies, check our subtitles for Ai Uehara.