On november 3rd, the former Japanese adult film actress Kotone Suzumiya asked fans for help on Twitter.

It turned out that while she was walking on the road in Osaka a few days ago, unexpectedly, a stranger suddenly strangled her from behind.

Suzumiya Kotone described that the incident happened on November 1 at an intersection near the adult products store “Buyout MAX Namba” in Osaka. The time was about 5 o’clock in the evening. There were many people nearby at that time. But a man suddenly strangled himself from behind. “His strength was so strong that I even felt his intention to kill me!” Although Suzumiya Kotone immediately called for help, passers-by thought it was a couple quarreling, so no one came to help.

Suzumiya Kotone also said that as a victim, she should go to the hospital immediately for medical examination, but because her neck was so painful and she was mentally traumatized, she already suffered from mental illness. Just going out alone would lead to hyperventilation. She also said that although Osaka is her second favorite city after Tokyo, she feels very scared now when she thinks about when and where such weird people will appear. Suzumiya Kotone thinks that the suspect is very aware of his attacks, and there may be other victims.

At present, Suzumiya Kotone is also providing clues on Twitter, saying that the other party is about 180 centimeters tall and wearing a suit, without glasses or a mask. Suzumiya Kotone later went to get an X-ray and found that the bones in her neck were slightly misaligned, which made her unable to imagine what would have happened if the other party had been more ruthless. In order to avoid other victims, we hope that the police can quickly track down the case. We also hope that Twitter fans can provide relevant clues to themselves or the police after seeing this message.