AV actress Mizuki Yayoi revealed an incredible body transformation on Twitter.

Well known for her butt and her blowjob skills, Mizuki Yayoi 弥生みづき revealed an incredible body transformation on Twitter account.

“I think there are many different opinions regarding body type! !
Let me just say this! ! ! ! ! !

I am determined to make the fans of both Yayoi, who continue to come to my events, buy my works, and continue to support me, happy! ! ! ! ! ! !
You’re so cool! !”

Here is a Before / After pic :
Mizuki Yayoi body transformation

Mizuki debuted in 2019 as a slender actress, and since the summer of 2021, she has been working as a “voluptuous” actress as she gained some weight (thicker legs and bigger butt). She has now got into a great body shape, with more muscle mass, meaning a more toned ass. Because, as you might have noticed in our best JAV Asses toplist, we prefer toned butts over fat ones. Shape > size, all day long !

Her ass when she debuted

Before her body transformation