Yua Mikami, one of the biggest names in the japanese porn industry, announced that she will retire from AV.

Former “SKE48” member and adult actress Yua Mikami, 29 years old, updated her YouTube channel and announced that she would retire from the JAV industry.

Mikami made the following announcement: “I have a big announcement. (In the video titled “Today, I have a big announcement to make to you all. I, Yua Mikami, will retire from being a JAV actress.” As for the reason for her retirement, she said, “I had decided in my mind that I would continue until I turn 30.”

Mikami was known for numerous scandals during her time as “Momona Kito” in SKE48, including a dating scandal with Yuya Tegoshi, as well as a large number of kiss and bed photos with her ex-boyfriends that leaked onto the Internet.

The announcement of her retirement was greeted on the Internet with the following comments.

“I am very grateful for your hard work for the past eight years. I will support you in your future endeavors!”

“I have been a fan since your idol days. People who reach the top in any field have unparalleled pressure and a mentality that won’t break even if they are beaten. I have been healed by Yua’s smile even when I was anxious during Covid. I think she must have had such a painful experience that she can’t talk about it there. I felt it when I saw the video. Thank you for your hard work for 8 years. First of all, your health is the most important ! Give yourself a reward.”

“I want to thank you for your eight years of hard work! It is very difficult just to keep going, but you have achieved a simple yet very difficult goal of always wanting to be the best, and then you have achieved new dreams one after another, which is amazing.”

“She is a truly wonderful person and I love her very much. Please continue to give everyone lots of love.”

“I am sad that you are retiring, but I will support you in your new life.”

“It’s a rare example of someone who graduates from an idol group and sells even more. She must have had the aptitude for it.”

“I think it’s great that she didn’t just end her career as a former idol, but continued to maintain her popularity this long.”

Her remaining works are scheduled to be released by August this year.