Interested in Japanese porn and looking for english subtitles ? Let’s compare and

Watching JAV actresses you’ll feel transported into another porn reality. In this realm, busty Japanese schoolgirls line up to take turns sucking their teacher’s cock, let strange men strip them and finger their pussies in super markets, and explore a number of other alternative and strange sex fantasies. With English subtitles, you’ll get even more immersed.

While more and more auto translated subtitles are shared online, if you checked one before, you probably noticed how bad they are. This is because the english translation is done as follow :
– Chinese subs done by doing a transcription of the japanese audio (if the audio isn’t 100% very clear, no background noise, only one person speaking, there will be tons of error like Youtube’s auto captions)

– Then, english subs are done by translating the chinese subs to english.

Subtitles crafted by human hands possess a distinct advantage over those generated by artificial intelligence. The key lies in the nuanced understanding of language and culture that humans bring to the task. Humans can accurately capture context, idiomatic expressions (even more with japanese), and cultural nuances that AI might struggle with. They can adapt subtitles to reflect the tone and emotion of the dialogue, ensuring a more immersive viewing experience. Additionally, human subtitlers can make judgment calls when faced with ambiguous speech or multiple speakers, choosing the most appropriate way to convey the message. While AI can be efficient and quick for specific cases, the human touch remains unmatched in delivering subtitles that are not just technically accurate but also culturally sensitive and contextually relevant, making them superior for ensuring a seamless and enjoyable multimedia experience. vs

Zenra provides provide English subtitles. But they also go a step further by giving you information outlining the ins and outs of life in Japan, so you can understand the plot of the scenes, too. On their website, you’re basically getting scenes from DVDs. Given that most of the 1,119 DVDs have 3-5 scenes each, you’re getting about 4500 scenes. The bit rates vary, but over 1,500 are in HD or Full HD; however, there’s no indication of the resolution before you download them.

Those stats might seem attractive, but in reality, most of the scenes are from low tiers studios, so no big names featuring in the movies. No Yua Mikami or Julia. You also need to get a subscription to access the content. And the payment plateforms (Epoch, CCBill, Zombaio) are famous for exploiting consumers and making money using tools like auto-renewal plans. For the customer, it’s a pain in the butt to stop the auto-renewal.

Here, at JAV-Subtitles, we hate these shady practices. That’s why we don’t have subscription plans with Epoch, CCBill or Zombaio. Plus, you can buy the subtitle files without any subscription. No registration is needed, it’s easy and quick. We also provide subtitles for famous JAV movies, so you’ll probably find subtitles for your favorite actresses. And if there is one movie you would like to be subtitled, you can send a request for a custom order. Almost 1200 movie subtitles are currently available (censored and uncensored) in our catalog.

Last but not least, just like you, we are JAV fans. We just want to offer quality subtitles to other japanese porn fans. We didn’t create this service and website to crush other services. Proof is that you can find us on forums like Scanlover or Akiba-Online, where we discuss with everybody. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing about Zenra’s staff. Here are the attacks against us since we started this journey :

– They are moderators on couple of Subreddits and they don’t allow us to share content (gifs with english subs), while others can.

– Fake report to our payment gateway to block us from any activity.

– Condescending towards us on forums, in a vain attempt to discredit us

Do you want to use a website with a staff like that ? What if you have a problem with your payment method or something else ? Do you think they will care ? We’re not so sure. OUR staff is friendly and will do its best to help you if you have any issue (sub sync issue, typo, …). Check our thread on Scanlover, customers left nice comments about us. We can’t fake that.